Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Was just having a browse on Sarah's blog a wee minute ago and thought this was a fun one to join in with...why not give it a go yourself!!!!

LISTENING TO Take That...can't wait to see them..10 weeks tomorrow(not that I am counting or anything..lol)

EATING nothing at the moment - not had any tea yet and wondering what there is to eat

DRINKING Schweppes Russian Tonic with lime...yumm

WEARING jeans, grey t-shirt, grey boyfriend cardigan with my big thick gray cardigan over the top(just been to pick the girls up from dancing) and a pink scarf

FEELING overwhelmed by life sometimes just now (4 kids does that to you sometimes!)

WEATHER was so so today but is now raining

WANTING a holiday in the sun

NEEDING a holiday in the sun!!!

THINKING this time last year we were in Tenerife!!

ENJOYING my kids being happy doing their football, dancing, etc

WONDERING if Allan REALLY will be home tomorrow(only been home for 12 days in the last 8 weeks!)

READING The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stiegg Larsson and thoroughly enjoying it - can't wait to start the 3rd one in the trilogy


So there we have it...the last two I added in.....The whole thing made me smile...Thanks Sarah...x