Sunday 18 December 2011

The Felt Fairy - A Monthly Make 2012...

On a brighter note for a change I have put my name down for The Felt Fairy's 'A Monthly Make 2012'

If you fancy joining in just pop over here to sign up...Go on, you know you want to!!!

Kirsti xxx

Sunday 4 December 2011


Just over two weeks ago I got the most awful phonecall imaginable from my mum...the police had just arrived at her door to tell her that my brother Stuart had hung himself at home...I fell to pieces and I would like to share these word that are doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment...

Given the recent news about Gary Speed I just want to highlight again the reality that someone can be hurting very much without showing outward signs, so the next time you feel like judging or being nasty to someone, take a step back and ask yourself: Is that person struggling on the inside? More people have been there than you will ever know. Depression and Anxiety disorders ARE NOT a sign of weakness. They are signs that you've been trying to be strong for too long. Put this on your wall if you, or someone you know, suffers or has suffered. Most people will not due to the stigma attached, but stats show that 1 in 3 of us will suffer from this at some point in judge now at your peril, because you reap what you sow!!!

RIP Stuart and I hope you are at peace now...I will miss you!!