Sunday, 20 June 2010


Another blog award - I am a lucky girl this week - this is from Sonja who I made friends with at last year's ScrapAttack and we have kept in touch...It did make me giggle as I do know the truth in amongst all her fibs but I am not going to tell you, you will have to work it out for onto my truth and my fibs...mmmmh

1. I am named (middle names) after the Rod Stewart song 'Maggie May!!!
2. I got married at the top of a mountain!!!
3. I once made the hotel bed of Stuart Adamson from Big Country!!!
4. I have done a bungee jump!!!
5. I used to be a model!!!
6. I have had a kiss from Marti Pellow from Wet Wet Wet!!!

So there we have it - nothing too outragous but which one is the truth and which are bare faced lies?!?!

I am going to pass mine onto Erika cos I think it will make her giggle too cos she certainly keeps us entertained whenever we meet up!!!!