Wednesday, 21 September 2011


So this week seems to be the week for doing the A-Z of me and I had to join in...why not have a go yourself...lots of fun!!!

A. Age: 42

B. Bed size: Double usually to myself as hubby is away so often but I do end up sharing it with Niamh at least twice a week...

C. Chore that you hate: cleaning toilets...bathrooms in general

D. Dogs: Yeah...still missing my two love West Highland Terriers, Haggis and Charlie but hoping to get a Polish Lowland Sheepdog next year and maybe another Westie...the kids have already chosen the names...Alfie and Jackson!!!

E. Essential start to your day: Tea, bit of reading and a walk

F. Favorite color: Green at the moment - it was purple for years and years and years

G. Gold or Silver: Definitely Silver

H. Height: 5’6”

I. Instruments you play: Nothing I'm afraid...

J. Job title: CEO of our

K. Kids: boy and three girls

L. Live: Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

M. Must haves: peace and quiet but that's more a would like than a must have...haha

N. Nicknames: Kirsticoo or friend's little boy(who is 26 now) used to call me Kissy....

O. Overnight hospital stays: 3 overnights when having the kids - 1 6 hour discharge...1 overnight with chest pains a couple of years ago...

P. Pet peeves: people who think they can park ANYWHERE they like...including disabled spots and parent and child spots when they have use for neither...bugs the crap outta me...Grrrrr

Q. Quote from a movie: Pretty Woman... [Vivian accidentally launches an escargot, which is deftly caught by the mâitre-d.] Vivian: Slippery little suckers. Mâitre-D: It happens all the time

Top Gun... Carole: Hey, Goose, you big stud! Goose: That's me, honey. Carole: Take me to bed or lose me forever. Goose: Show me the way home, honey....

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: 2 brothers both younger

T. Tattoos: Not yet but watch this space

U. Underwear: Oh yes definitely...

V. Vegetable you hate: Easy...Brussell Spouts....UGH...don't even cook them at Christmas no matter how many other people like them...they stink!!!

W. What makes you run late: Kids!!!!!!!!! hate being late tho...

X. X-Rays you’ve had: wrist...fractured while arm wrestling in the pub with a bloke...ooops!! and teeth...also had one on my ankle when I fell out of a car after getting my leg caught in the strap of my bag(ballooned up to the size of a golf ball) and I was perfectly sober!!

Y. Yummy food that you make: Moroccan Meatballs discovered the other day...delicious and a hit with the kids so will definitely make again

Z. Zoo animal: Polar Bears...they are fab

So that's me, A thru to Z.
How about you? Are you taking part?


Kirsti xxx