Wednesday 11 February 2015


Technology is wonderful right?
I have researched printers until I don't know which way is up...Amazon, EBay, printer websites...I finally decided on one...this Brother MFC-J5720DW matched more or less everything I wanted and I ordered it from Amazon on Wednesday and less than 24 hours later it arrived so why wont it print what I want???
I had to move it nearer the router to connect wirelessly and moved it back again when it connected  but it still wouldn't print...Not being technical minded myself Clare from next door came through last night...we uninstalled it and then reinstalled it...had to wait until this morning to finish as I had to move it closer to the router again and BINGO it printed...excellent! But this is not the end of the, no, no....although it is printing normal size paper I can't get it to print custom sizes which is what I need it to do for wedding invitations!!!
Losing the will to live......HEEEEELP!!!

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