Thursday, 20 May 2010


I stumbled across this at Big Picture Scrapbooking after being led there from Jo's blog so I thought I would share....

I was HAPPY that Vodafone have decided to replace my damaged mobile since they have lost it
I am GRATEFUL for my good friends (you know who you are!!)
I think LIFE is ok at the moment
I do WONDER where the last 20 years have gone
I so WISH I was more organised
I SAVE way too many things just incase
I ALWAYS seem to be chasing my tail
I CAN'T seem to break a bad habit (ie eating too much chocolate, cakes, etc)
I BELIEVE that life is what you make it
I always PROMISE myself to be more organised
I LOVE my family more than anything in the world
I SCRAP to keep the memories alive for my kids and their kids and because I just love it.....

These are MY answers - what's yours???...xox