Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I thought I would post some 'time machine' shots of the lovely peace and quiet I am having this morning - it is the first time since Friday I have been able to sit down with a cup of tea and some toast in total quiet!!!! Sonja posted some piccies last night using the 'Hipstamatic' app on her i-phone, but unfortunately my pennies wont stretch to an iphone (just yet!!) and I remembered I was doing pictures for one of my Rusty Pickle books using the 'Time Machine' function on Paint Shop Pro and these are the you can see these are the same flowers that Sonja shot at my house last week...I love freesias..they are so sweet and old fashioned and they look beautiful in the lovely jug that I got from Susan for my birthday....

Anyway these are two of the reasons I have not had any peace this weekend... Niamh and her cousin Blair...him and his brother Finlay came to stay on Friday afternoon as Jen and Pete were of to Milan for Pete's birthday and they left yesterday morning and of course Allan is still away so it was just me all on my ownsome with 6 kids... On the whole they weren't too bad but they definitely had their moments!!!!

Think I may do all my photos like this on my blog as I really like this effect...xox