Sunday, 8 January 2012


365+1...Day 8...Cosy

Today the word on the street is 'COSY' interpretation is the cosiness in the conservatory once the sun has gone down, the blinds are closed and the lamps have been turned on...9pm...Hawaii 5-O here I

Speaking about the sun going down, this was the amazing sunset we were treated to here in Inverurie tonight...beautiful...looks like the sky is on fire!!!

Excuse the mess in my garden...not tidied up yet from the friend was round the other day and her little girl Eleanor said to me 'Do you know you washing thing has fallen down??' had to move it to make way for the building...don't think it's going to fit in the space that's left over there and I don't want it where it is so I think it may become redundant...I am thinking I will get the lines that you can whizz in and out and a couple of poles...I miss my drying green of old(4 posts, 4 lines and a couple of poles..washing dried so much better):0(...

Well that's me for now apart from to say watch this space for some exciting news(clue... I have registered a domain name...eeek!!!)