Friday, 13 January 2012

365+1...DAYS 11-13

I am a little behind what with one thing and another...namely running after the kids and sorting their schedules out now that all the after school activities have begun again with a vengeance...

365+1...Day 11...Clothing

This is my lovely sparkly grey beret...I love it but can't wear it everyday as sometimes I just can't get it to sit right so of it comes and another hat has to go on...I have to admit to a big love of hats..I used to wear them ALL the time now it's just in the winter...

365+1...Day 12...Translucent

This is some packaging that I received some crafty stuff in a while's so cute...I kept it for that I wonder what I could do with it!!!

365+1...Day 13...Inside Your Fridge
Well these aren't inside my fridge anymore...they are baking in the oven in the shape of a Lemon Drizzle Cake and it smells delicious...this is a really quick and easy recipe...can't wait for a slice with my tea before I pick the kids up from school later...yummm!!!
So that's my lot for today...hopefully I will manage to keep up a bit better over the next few days abut real life does rather get in the way of fun...keep smiling:0)...x