Thursday, 19 January 2012

365+1...DAY 17..NAUGHTY


Well here we are Day 19 and I am just posting Day 17...will stop apologising now for not posting everyday and just do it when I can...real life really does get in the way

This is Niamh (again!), this time in naughty mode...she is not very happy with herself as she is supposed to have done a 3d model in the Christmas hols but we didn't do it and I had looked out stuff so we could make a pyramid which she seemed happy enough about until we started doing it and then she kicked of that she didn't want to....she wanted to make a robot but we didn't have the necessary recycling to make one so she went in a right strop and after much persuasion she still wasn't having it so I said we just wouldn't make anything then...not a very happy child but they have to