Saturday, 24 October 2009

Aaaw... this is a picture of my dog Haggis - you should hear him... he is lying under my desk snoring his head off... he is getting on in years now as he will be 14 in December so I don't know what the kids will be like when he is gone as he has always been a part of their lives.. Two years ago we lost our other westie (Charlie) very suddenly and it broke our hearts... he wasn't as old as Haggis and he became poorly and was gone 2 days later, that was 2 years ago now... Poor Niamh just said to me tonight that she wished she was dead so she could see Charlie again which I thought was very profound for a 4 year old....x

On a brighter note, here is all the cutting and folding done for the Brownie books - sadly I don't have enough yellow and orange patterned paper (Jude!!!) so I will have to see what else I have and maybe do two colour schemes...x