Friday, 23 October 2009

No news today...sorry - all been a bit sleepy. Kids (myself included) not been going to bed til really late this week and then lying in quite late and this morning we were up about 6.30 to take Allan to the heliport as he is away offshore again (finally!!! 4 weeks and 6 days at home is waaay too We all went back to bed when we got back I fell asleep reading my book (thanks for the loan Jude!!!) and woke up around 10.15am and by this time Niamh was in with me and we fell asleep again... don't think I got up til gone 11.30am and Niamh, bless her slept til past 12.30pm... so been a really quiet day - Susan and the girls came to visit which was nice as we haven't seen them during the holidays as they have been to Florida having a great time... Night, night...x